Our Equipment



 Equipment we use during Investigations


 Standard Equipment

  • Flashlight : A must have item particularly  in dark areas and at night

  • Lots of batteries : A lot of the equipment we use is portable and battery operated, make sure to have a good stock of all the types you may need

  • A notebook and pen : for documenting activity as it occurs, jotting down notes of areas of interest

  • Wrist Watch : useful for logging times that activity occurs in your notepad, a backlit one is particularly useful



9856123Head Torch :  Ideal item for dark areas and at night and keeps your hands free for all your other equipment, one with red led’s as well as white led’s is ideal, as red led’s do not interfere with your eye’s natural night vision capabilities.



7611062 Way Radios: We use these to keep in contact with the whole group, great for when you hear a noise you can quickly ascertain where the rest of your group are and whether they heard the noise or accidentally made the noise.



1424082391Digital Voice Recorder :  Uses an internal hard-drive to record audio,  a handy tool for  useful for  picking up Electronic Voice  phenomenon (EVP’s). This phenomena can be heard when an intelligent being is  attempting  to communicate either by voice, tapping or other audible disturbances, particularly notable when in response to a question or request  for signs of ones presence. also handy for documenting your investigation  alongside your notepad and pen.


9003334Digital Camera :  Easy to use, high quality photos that you can transfer direct to your computer without the need to process films.  Digital cameras can also be modified to make them full spectrum, this means they can see Infra-red and/or ultraviolet.


1414769Camcorder/Video Camera : Another basic tool for detecting, recording  and documenting paranormal activity, as with the digital cameras the camcorder can also be modified to see infra red and ultraviolet.


2808813Single Axis Digital EMF Meter :   Measures fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. These fields can be found around household electrical objects, mobile phones, and power lines and even  fluctuations in solar activity and weather. In the paranormal  world it is thought that entities can manipulate  these fields in an attempt to manifest themselves or interact with our world. The units of measurement  registered on an emf is called milligauss.


1424082506KII or K2 EMF meter :  Measure fluctuations  in electromagnetic fields, however unlike the digital version above the K2 uses led lights which light up according to the strength of the fluctuation. This makes them easier to see in the dark or even from a distance which is an issue with the digital meters. man made fields are steady and continuous whereas the spirit world is believed to create “spikes” .  A spirit can be requested to light up the lights in response to questions, for example “spike” them once for no and twice for yes.


80347Laser Grid :  Put a laser grid against a wall or light up a room, and if something passes in front of the laser pen it will block out  or distort sections of the grid. great for detecting movement or shadows. Usable in 10 minute bursts with a 3-5 minute cool down time.


998842Probe Thermometer :  In paranormal investigations it is thought that entities can manipulate temperature when attempting to manifest themselves or interact with us. if you find a cold spot look for sources that may be causing it, if the anomaly  is fairly concentrated in one area with no  visible sources then you may have something attempting to manifest….so time  to bring out the  cameras and audio recorders.

2287646Infrared Thermometer :  Detects potential sources of abnormal temperatures. fires a laser pin point light  towards whatever it is pointed at, if the temperature drops in a room you can use this to detect whether the temperature drop is coming from a vent , window or wall. Use this in conjunction with a probe thermometer.


9534427 (1)Static Lab Detector :  It is said that the manifestation of a spirit  gives off a static charge, this can be felt when you get that tingling sensation in the back of your neck. the negative (red) static lab is intended  for the detection of demonic spirits like  poltergeist, demons and some intelligent type hauntings. the positive (green) static lab is intended for the detection of spirits like  residual hauntings and intelligent hauntings. they are so sensitive that they  will react to a lightning storm at a distance of 50 miles or  brushing of long hair 20 feet away.


6351565Whisper 2000 : Sound amplifier with a small condenser microphone. point towards a noise and the sound will be amplified, can hear a whisper from 20-30 feet away.



8702333Pendulum :  Used to determine “yes” and “no” responses from a spirit, when used in conjunction with a pendulum board (board with a layout of words/letters or numbers) the pendulum can be used to gain further information from a spirit.


7528374Dowsing Rods:  Used to determine “yes” and “no” responses from a spirit, when used in conjunction with a dowsing board (a board with a layout of words/letters or numbers) the dowsing rods can be used to gain further
information from a spirit.

8805069Pressure Pad :  Place a “trigger” object onto the sensitive pressure pad, on removal of the key the led’s on the posts will flash to indicate the pressure pad is armed, should your trigger object move an alarm will sound to alert you.           

                                                                             Trigger Objects :


Trigger objects are an inanimate object such as a toy, or a ball or one can use an object belonging to the deceased. these are used to attract the entity’s attention in a bid to get them to create a physical contact and move the item. 

1424051680Spirit Box :  Uses  am/fm  radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise. Spirits can use this energy to try and communicate  with their voices through the  background static noise



1978535Thermal Imaging Camera :  A perfect tool to visualise temperature changes in the environment. High end sensors show a map of  cool and heat surface temperatures



1710854Spirit Board :  Also known as a talking board. It is marked with words, numbers, yes, no, hello and goodbye. It is used to communicate messages
from spirits during a séance.



7253861Motion Sensor/Infrared camera :  We use these to record any activity onto a hard drive, our camera’s will alert us to any movement/motion in the area and are also infra red so require little/no light to operate.



5285091EM Pump : Em pumps create an electromagnetic field that can allegedly feed paranormal entities and help to aid manifestation




imagesMetal Detecting Unit :  A multifaceted use device, can be used  to search for hidden playback  instruments or other hoaxing devices. this is helpful when doing structural ghost hunts. can also be useful when performing  environments outside  to aid in the search and examination of such things like transistors within walls, buried water or gas lines that may pass near the site, large deposits of natural rock and metal groupings found in the earth. Also may be instrumental in locating  physical data whilst researching older paranormal cases such as supposed contact sites of UFO’s, or haunted structures long since  demolished.