Do you need our help ?

If you think you are experiencing paranormal / unexplainable phenomena then please feel free to call, text or e-mail us, all of our details can be found on the Contact us section.


Am I really experiencing Paranormal Activity?

Only you can make this decision, one of the questions we will ask you when you first make contact with us is “are you sure no-one in your home, whether it be family or friends – or at work could be playing tricks on you?
If you can answer this with a definite No, then you may be having aparanormal experience.

What should I do?

Firstly you should call, email or text us so we can reassure you and advise as appropriate, Once you have made first contact with us, we will call or e-mail you dependent on your preferred method of contact within 48 hours, we will arrange for an investigator to visit at a mutually convenient time to carry out an initial assessment and then arrange with you when is best for the team to visit to investigate the activity. if you feel too scared to face going home or that you can no longer stay in your home we will arrange to meet with you as soon as possible – please voice these concerns on the first contact.

How much do you charge for a paranormal investigation?

Absolutely nothing !
We never charge for an investigation, we may however charge a nominal expense for petrol costs if you are outside of the south devon area.

All we insist is that the building, land etc. is in a safe condition, We also ask that any children at the property are preferably staying elsewhere for the night of the investigation, however anyone over the age of 18 is more than welcome to stay with us if they would like to.

My children are experiencing the paranormal activity, what should I do?

Most parents on being told by their child that they are experiencing things no one else can see or hear is to either disbelieve them or panic………don’t ! most children are born with a sixth sense, some loose this as they grow older where-as some don’t. Ask your child a few simple questions, can they draw what they saw, this is the easiest way for a child to explain what they are seeing.

If it was a person…what were they wearing, what were they doing, did they speak and if so what did they say ? if possible start to keep a diary of events as this will help the investigators. you can also help us by giving us some background information regarding important dates in yours or your childs life such as a loved one’s birthday or anniversary – whether it be a wedding or date of passing. is you child stressed due to exams or being bullied at school as this can cause a situation which can be perceived to be paranormal activity. the more information you give us the better we can help.

What do you actually do during an investigation?

It’s all very straightforward, we try to make the whole experience as easy for you as possible. here is a step-by-step breakdown:

You make contact with us via telephone, text or email, this is your chance to give us a brief idea of what is happening.
within 48 hours we will call or email you back, we will ask you a few questions, your full address and arrange a mutually convenient time to meet you. behind the scenes our researcher will be looking into the history of your house and the surrounding land as often it is the land that is haunted rather than the building on it.

Within 7 days we will meet with you to discuss in detail what is happening, it would be helpful if you can have any witnesses available or written notes from them at this time. we will take a look around your home and take notes of anything significant such as heating pipes, creaking floorboards, draughty windows and doors. we will arrange an investigation date and time with you and leave you some paperwork to sign to say that you give permission for us to investigate and that we can use cameras and videos to gain evidence. we will also provide you with a release form to allow us to use the video evidence on our website (see the privacy section below for clarification). you will be able to contact us for advice and reassurance if you need to and it would be helpful if you kept a small diary of events, even if nothing paranormal happens during this time, we still need to know this.
on the date and time arranged our handpicked team will arrive at your property to begin setting up equipment, consisting of cameras and trigger objects if necessary, we will also ask your permission to use our spirit board if deemed necessary to be used. we would ask that anyone under the age of 18 not to be involved in the investigation however you as the home owner are more than welcome to stay with us. we will open our investigation with a group protection prayer, you will be included at this time even if you do not wish to take part in the investigation itself. during the night we will conduct several vigils either in groups or alone in various locations pinpointed around the property. if anything happens during the evening our investigators will try to find a rational and realistic reason to debunk the activity happening.

Once the investigation is finished we will thank any spirits for their communication and close with a closing protection prayer. if any personal messages are received by our mediums or through the spirit board we will communicate these to the person involved, in private.
we aim to get all evidence reviewed and a report back to you within 28 days, we will endeavour to do this as quickly as possible and it is really down to how much equipment has been used. You can contact us at any time throughout the reviewing process with any worries or concerns we will keep in contact with you at your request after the report process to periodically check that you are having no further issues, this can be monthly, six monthly or yearly for as long as you feel necessary.

Do you investigate businesses?

Yes we do, regularly !

Will you inform my neighbours or the media about my paranormal activity?

No!! That is your choice, not ours, we ask you to sign a video and photograph release form, so that we can put our documented evidence on our website, however we would never release your name or address. with regards to the media we cannot be held responsible for any increase/decrease of interest in your property from media coverage.

Are there different types of paranormal activity ?

Yes there are

Familial : Your grandfather passed away twelve months ago, you have been thinking about him a lot and this has upset you. He left you his stamp collection which you have lovingly displayed in the lounge cabinet, the next day you find it under the sofa, the day after you find it under the sink….this is his way of making you aware that he is still around and he hopes this will comfort you, the quicker you acknowledge he is there the sooner this activity may cease.

Residual : Also known as a place memory is the most common type of haunting. It is a playback of an event much like playing a dvd movie, stopping it rewinding it, and playing the same scene again. The scene will not interact with the living world at all, sometimes there is no picture and only the noises can be heard. If a person is visible they will be dressed as they were when alive and will carry out activites just as they did. They will walk through doorways which existed in their time which may no longer be there, hence how they can appear to walk through walls.

Intelligent : Called intelligent due to the fact that the spirit is aware of anf able to interact and communicate with those living in the physical world. These spirits want to get our attention and so can move or hide objects, send signals or even speak to do so. They can be family members chosing to stay with their loved ones (see familial). Some are unaware they have died because it may have happened suddenly without warning. In those instances a pychic medium can help them to cross over to the other side, thats if they wish to go – even in the spirit world they have free will. Sometimes they may not wish to go due to unfinished business or something they feel is unresolved around family, business or financial matters. Other times a spirit may not be visible, you may experience a cold spot, chill or goosebumps and a feeling you are being stared at or watched. Most of these ghosts are not malicious, they just want to be noticed and their message heard.

Anniversary : Usually happen around the anniversary of someone’s death, the birth of a child, someone’s birthday, Christmas, engagement, wedding, anything that brings great joy or deep despair and encourages family members or work colleagues to gather together. Just because someone has passed it doesn’t mena they can’t party with the best of them.

Poltergeist : This is a rare haunting, they are reputed to be evil however this is not necessarily so, there is a huge difference between naughty or mischevious and evil. If you were mischevous in life chances are you will be so in death, we don’t change how we are simply because we have died. These hauntings usually take the form of objects moved, hidden, thrown, disturbing noises, interference with electrical items, physical attacks. Poltergeist acitivity can often be found centered around a living person or young person under great duress in their life. These usually start out slowly and increase in intensity, reaching a peak and then subsiding again, sometimes the disturbances stop abruptly and are never repeated again.

Do you have insurance ?

Yes we do, we have cover of up to £1,000,000,